How to make mig33 login software [Part 4]

Hello My mig33 developer Friends πŸ™‚

I’m really sorry to start this Tutorial lately. Today i will try to show you how to make a simple Mig33 login project.

Can you remember Previous Tutorial ? You must Follow this.

Open Mig33 folder from your Desktop . Open Project1.vdp

Take One textbox .


Click On that Textbox and Go to properties Tab. Give a name > username


Follow the above instruction and take 4 more textbox

2 Textbox Name : password

In password properties Make > PasswordChar = * < like the Image Below . 3 Textbox Name : txtip mig3313

In txtip properties Make text =

4 Textbox Name : txtport

In txtport properties Make text = 9119

5 Textbox Name : sts


Now Take a Command Button Name : login

In login properties Make text = Login

You will get a Form like above Picture.


Click on Form . Right click > View Code . Just like above Image.



Option Explicit

Dim P As Integer
Dim i As Integer
Dim k As Integer
Dim G As Integer
Dim j As Integer
Dim l As Integer
Dim u As Integer
Dim q As Integer
Dim d As String

Dim WithEvents sock1 As CSocketPlus


Now copy the above code and pest it in General Event (like above Picture).

Double click On Form And Put the code In form Load Event .


Set sock1 = New CSocketPlus


Single Click on Form. Double Click on Login Button


If login.Caption = “Login” Then

login.Caption = “LogOut”
sock1.ArrayAdd 1
sock1.CloseSck 1
sock1.Connect 1, txtip.text, txtport.text


If login.Caption = “LogOut” Then

login.Caption = “Login”
sock1.CloseSck 1
sock1.ArrayRemove 1

End If
End If


Put the above code in Login Button click Event. Check the Picture Below.


Now click On the Circle area like the Picture Below. Click > Sock1


Now click Sock1 Event box > Select > Connect

Now Put the code Below.

sock1.SendData 1, SendUname42(username.text)

sts.text = ” Connection …… ”



Now click Sock1 Event > Select > Dataarrival


Check the above Image carefully. Put the Code below .


sock1.GetData Index, dat$(Index), vbString

awal$(Index) = Asciitohex(Left(dat$(Index), 4))

awalana$(Index) = Asciitohex(Left(dat$(Index), 5))

If awal$(Index) = “2 0 C9 0” Then sock1.SendData Index, KirimHashCode(password.Text, Mid(dat(Index), InStr(dat(Index), H2A(“0 1 0 0 0”)) + 6, UnHex(A2H(Mid(dat(Index), InStr(dat(Index), H2A(“0 1 0 0 0”)) + 5, 1)))))
If awal$(Index) = “2 1 9C 0” Or awal$(Index) = “2 1 A6 0” Or awal$(Index) = “2 0 CB 0” Then
sts = “Login Successful !!!”
sts.ForeColor = vbBlue
If awalana$(Index) = “2 0 0 0 2” Then
sts = “Wrong Password !!!”
sts.ForeColor = vbRed
sock1.CloseSck Index
sock1.Connect Index, txtip.Text, txtport.Text
End If

sts = Mid(dat$(Index), 16, UnHex(Asciitohex(Mid(dat$(Index), 15, 1))))

End If



Please look at the image it looks like that.
Now run the Project [Press F5]

Put your username and password then Press >Login


If you would follow the above instruction I hope you will be succeed to Make your 1st Mig33 software login project.

You may check the Project from Here Mig33 login project. But keep in Mind you must Practice without checking this Project. If you can make it without This I can assure you that you have done 40% of Mig33 programming πŸ™‚

Next Tutorial coming soon with the basic Logic of this Tutorial. It’s just Only a Practice. If you want to Make exceptional Mig33 tool then you have to know the logic of Programming.

Keep practicing. Don’t forget to mention your Problem Here πŸ™‚

Best of Luck !!!

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